Connecting Content Marketing Experiences [Infographic]

Marketers have their fair share of challenges these days, but delivering relevant content experiences doesn't have to be one of them. Learn what it means to Connect Content Marketing Experiences and how it enables building rich customer profiles and the opportunity to deliver increasingly relevant content experiences. 

What’s a Connected Content Marketing Experience?

In our whitepaper, “Connecting Content Marketing Experiences,” Analyst and Chief Strategy Officer of the Content Marketing Institute, Robert Rose, explores one of modern marketing’s biggest challenges: Delivering data-driven, contextual, and relevant experiences across new and existing channels.

Because customers now expect relevant content in every experience, “…many brands find themselves perpetually behind the proverbial eight ball as they try to keep up with the explosive emergence of channels, data sources, and technology to manage it all.”

The solution?

Delivering the relevant, rather than the personal. Over time. In context. Across all your owned media.

In short, by creating connected content experiences.

The payoff?

One of the big payoffs is gaining better insight about our prospective customers by building a rich profile of our audience over time. And this has big, big value all on it's own.

Indeed, audiences are assets — “Valuable business assets” according to the vice president of marketing insights at, Jeffrey Kohrs:

“…the lifetime of value of proprietary audiences… could be worth millions of dollars in future revenue”

Where to start?

Not sure where to start? Rose’s colleague at Digital Clarity Group, Tim Walters, suggests in “Marketers Feel the Need for Speed: The Path to Customer Experience Excellence Begins with Agility on the Web,” the way to begin is simple:

“Begin with the Web channel.”

In the spirit of helping you do just that, we’ve created an infographic that illustrates exactly what a Connected Content Marketing Experience looks like.

View the Infographic

To learn more about Connecting Content Marketing Experiences, download the white paper, or watch the webinar.

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