Turn Your Employees into Successful Content Creators

Useful advice on how to get your employees to generate great content and how to avoid common issues along the way.


We all know how important content is for attracting and retaining an audience.

But let’s face it – generating a steady stream of quality content is hard and sometimes requires more resources than you have available.

This became abundantly clear to us as we prepared for the launch of the Mura Marketing Edition. Like many marketing departments, we have  limited resources for developing original content. We knew we would need to enlist some team members within to help create content for us.

Our employees could easily share their expertise on our blog, but some of them lacked the confidence and experience to deliver weekly articles. And it was a muscle we hadn’t been flexing regularly for some time.

We needed to step up our game, but how could we convince the rest of our team to volunteer for something they had never done before? I took it upon myself to do some research on the subject and learned some useful tips that helped our own team get on track with our publishing goals.

This article is the summary of what I learned on how to get your employees to blog and how to avoid common issues along the way. Although it’s not always easy to get engaging content from your colleagues, you might be surprised at how many people on your team have something valuable to contribute.

The Benefits of Blogging for Employees

Your employees lead busy lives and probably don't understand why you would pick them to write for the company blog. They already have a ton on their plate and they don’t realize that by helping the company they’re also helping themselves.

Here are the top 4 benefits your employees will experience when they start blogging:

Happier work environment

A great way to keep your employees happy and productive is when you value their opinions and allow them to share their expertise. People who feel heard, are more empowered and confident at their jobs. By having your employees contribute their own stories and lessons learned, it makes them feel like they can be themselves and more comfortable in their work environment.

You would be amazed at how your employees mood will change once they see their name next to a successful piece of content. Writing about a topic you’re passionate about is fun, rewarding, and creates a powerful sense of ownership that will make them happier at work. And we all know, the happier our employees the more successful our businesses can become.

Better communication skills

Effective communication skills are important for everyone to master. They are extremely valuable in both your personal and professional life. When you're able to speak effectively you are much more likely to command the respect of others and build rapport among your peers.

Writing down your thoughts and allowing yourself to explore the way you think and feel will result in enhanced communication. Your employees will become better at sales, have more engaging presentations and possess the ability to make their ideas convincingly clear.

Learning through teaching

Content marketing is one of the best ways your employees can further develop themselves as thought leaders while learning new tactics that will help them be even better at their jobs. By taking a teacher’s approach to blogging, many employees will find a sense of pride and purpose that not only improves their work but also has a tremendous impact on company morale.

Writing not only helps you become more familiar with a topic but is also a great way to internalize something you've learned or experienced. When you begin writing a blog post, you’re forced to organize your thoughts and fill any gaps of knowledge you might have on a subject so you can bring better understanding to your work.

Building a Personal Brand

Companies that truly see the “big picture” want their employees to develop personally and elevate their individual brand and worth. As you might imagine, content marketing is one of the best ways your employees can do just that, and further develop themselves as thought leaders within their niche industry.