[Webinar] Mura.js and Vue.js: A Love Story

Learn how to utilize Mura.js and the Vue JavaScript framework to create an interactive site that "talks" to Mura's JSON API in this free, online webinar presented by blueriver.

Join us for  Mura.js and Vue - A Love Story, a live webinar presented by Grant Shepert.

If you are a web developer, you use JavaScript. Whether utilizing plain-vanilla scripts to submit a form, or creating mega-multi-panel, single page applications, if you are a developer, you use JavaScript. In 2018 that's just a fact of life. Thank goodness it's getting so easy and fun!

If you are using Mura, there's a chance you're only peripherally aware of Mura ORM, Mura.js and the JSON API, but understanding and leveraging these three together make using JavaScript in Mura awesome. This is especially true if you are using advanced frameworks like React, AngularJS or Vue.js.

Mura ORM is our server-side auto-wiring object manager. JSON API is our REST endpoint for interacting with Mura and Mura ORM. Mura.js is our JavaScript framework that acts as a session-friendly interface to both the JSON API and the Mura core. Together, they form a perfect union of content interactivity for your front-end JavaScript applications.

In this webinar, Grant Shepert will walk you through both of these technologies, using Vue.js to demonstrate some of the many tasks you can perform, including a fully-functional single-page application that uses all the latest options in Mura 7.1!

Webinar Video: getmura.com/resources/webinars/mura-js-vue-js-a-love-story/