A Modern Development Pipeline with Mura and AWS

Development Team Lead Nick Sollecito from Scientific American provides an overview of the experience and lessons learned migrating SA's infrastructure and automation pipeline using Travis-CI, Docker Swarm, and Amazon Web Services.




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It may come as no surprise that when it comes time for an infrastructure migration, there will be some inevitable headaches. In fact, more than half of CIOs still claim the complexity of their current IT infrastructure is slowing their migration to the cloud.

Scientific American Development Team Lead Nick Sollecito knows first-hand how difficult this process can be. So when his team decided to migrate Scientific American's infrastructure and automation pipeline from on-premise hosting to the cloud using Travis-CI, Docker Swarm, and Amazon Web Services, he made the decision to utilize the "Twelve Factor App" methodology - a set of best practices which define an ideal way to manage your application and help deploy, manage, maintain, and scale your services in a cloud environment.

Find out more about Scientific American's journey to the cloud using the Twelve Factor App method, including a breakdown of the 12 factors: getmura.com/blog/a-modern-development-pipeline-with-mura-and-aws