Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Advertising

Multiple factors contribute to whether your Facebook advertising campaigns succeed or fail. Copy, imagery, optimization, strategy, and countless other factors all matter. But nothing will affect your results more than your audience and how you go about targeting them.

In 2017, global digital ad spending ($209 billion) surpassed television ($178 billion) for the first time.

In the U.S., Google and Facebook account for more than 63% of digital ad spending. But in addition to huge brands using their ad spend on digital instead of TV, Facebook has actually seen a renaissance in direct response marketing. But what about lead generation for enterprise and B2B? Can you sell on Facebook?  

In short, yes. But in a marketplace over-saturated with ads, a holistic strategy encompassing content marketing and personalization in conjunction with display advertising has never been more important for lead generation. Savvy marketers looking to use Facebook ads for lead generation need to replace "sell" with "give" and let the business roll downhill from there.

In this presentation, Digital Marketing Consultant Logan Mayfield demonstrates:

  • How to find your target audiences on Facebook
  • How to turn cold audiences warm by building trust and authority with content
  • Advanced retargeting strategies to convert warm audiences into leads