Mura 7.1 is Here!

Mura 7.1 is a digital experience platform that helps you to effectively create and manage your digital experience, wherever that may be (device, channel or otherwise).

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The release of Mura 7.1 is the fruition of a vision for a modern platform that provides not only a way to effectively create and manage the digital experience, but also a platform that helps developers and IT professionals thrive.

As a result, Mura 7.1 has undergone minor architectural changes and includes several new features that support this vision. Lead developer Matt Levine explains some of the latest advancements, and the long-term goals that led to these updates in the newest version of the Mura platform. 

More on the Mura Blog

New features, Docker compatibility, GDPR compliance and API-first thinking are all part of the big picture driving the changes in Mura 7.1. This detailed blog post outlines most of them, with links to a lot of useful documentation, project and Docker downloads, and other assets related to this latest release.

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