Free Mura On-demand webinars that every Marketer should check out. 

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AX = UX: Creating Digital Experience Flow through Accessibility

Who really benefits from better web accessibility?  Everyone.

For Developers

Lose Your Head Without Losing Your Sanity

If you're looking to give your marketing team the freedom to create what they need on the fly while still maintaining boundaries, you may be looking for a Decoupled CMS solution.

For Developers

Mura 7.1 Overview

Mura 7.1 has undergone minor architectural changes and includes several new features that support the vision of immutable infrastructure. Lead architect Matt Levine explains some of the latest advancements, and the long-term goals that led to these updates in the newest version of the Mura platform. 

For Developers

The API-Led Path to Development Freedom

Useful techniques and examples of API-led development. Break free!

For Marketers

Mura Translations: Finding Flow in Localization

Managing a multilingual website can be daunting, with challenges in maintaining the website, streamlining the translation of content, and dealing with the long-term requirements associated with these tasks. In this webinar, host Grant Shepert examines many of the issues encountered by content managers when localizing and managing a multilingual website.
For Marketers

Storytelling: Digital's Most Disruptive Hack

Join Park Howell from the Business of Story in this webinar that will show why storytelling is much more than a marketing buzzword. Learn how to use this critical human skill to cut through the digital noise with your code, content and career.

For Developers

Interfacing with Humans: Communication Hacks to Boost Your Dev Career

The fastest way to improve your career might surprise you - it's by better interfacing with humans. In this live online presentation, you'll learn ways to better communicate with others (spoiler alert - they don't all think like you do).

For Developers

Mura.js & Vue.js: A Love Story

Join Grant Shepert from blueriver for an in-depth walkthrough of both of these powerful JavaScript technologies, including a fully-functional single-page application utilizing the latest features in Mura 7.1.