AX = UX: Creating Digital Experience Flow through Accessibility

Who really benefits from better web accessibility?  Everyone.

Since day one, the Blueriver team has believed we were "making the web a better place" one project at a time.

A content Marketer evaluating a digital experience layout on a computer monitor for web accessibility. By reducing distractions, eliminating fear of failure and providing clear goals, our mission has always been to create Flow in the digital experience.

It's why we do what we do.

Unfortunately, what we didn't understand was the importance of adopting web accessibility (AX) into our workflow sooner and the benefits in doing so. Quite simply—we misunderstood who really benefits from better web accessibility: everyone.

Join Blueriver's Evan Dunham to find out more about our development team's journey into enhanced accessibility, and what AX means for UX in this free online presentation.

You'll learn:

  • The meaning and benefits of web accessibility
  • How increased accessibility also increases SEO
  • How to plan your projects with empathy and awareness
  • The overall importance of accessibility and inclusion

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