Mura 7.1 Overview

Mura 7.1 has undergone minor architectural changes and includes several new features that support the vision of immutable infrastructure. Lead architect Matt Levine explains some of the latest advancements, and the long-term goals that led to these updates in the newest version of the Mura platform. 

Freedom and focus are the priorities for changes in version 7.1 of the Mura platform.

As we work towards a truly immutable delivery system for the digital experience, we are also working towards a vision for Mura as a modern platform that helps developers and IT professionals thrive.

Content as a Service (CaaS) is a highly sought-after aspect of modern content and experience management, and it's now available in Mura, with every piece of content from components to ORM entities available for remote consumption.

In this webinar, Matt Levine and Sean Schroeder provide a quick and informative walk-through of the latest advancements and the thinking that helped get us here, including:

  • The push towards API-led thinking with Mura.js and the JSON API
  • Enhancements for remotely accessible Content as a Service
  • The new Mura ORM Assembler & Scaffolder
  • Mura's new modular directory structure
  • Support for continuous deployment and Docker-based development
  • Streamlined theme development with Bootstrap 4

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