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"Whether you're a content editor or developer you'll find Mura easy to use and will have a arsenal of tools at your finger tips. I could list all the great features...but really, the best way to find out is to check it our for yourself."

- Ben S.

Enterprise Class CMS...For Humans.

"The Mura team succeeded to bring a very powerful CMS, very extendable, but with a simplicity and an efficient I've never met at this level of maturity in other CMS."

- Aurélien D.

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"Mura is very simple to use yet super powerful...We need very few plugins (if any at all) to run exactly the site we need, and makes updating the system a breeze."

- Damien B.

Powerful and Flexible CMS!

"Mura comes with at least 90% of what I need...and gets out of the way allowing the developer to be creative in the way they solve client challenges."

- Scott W.