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Why Lead Source is Fake News

Lead source is a critical piece of data you need in order to assess the value of your marketing campaigns and part of proper lead management. When done right, you can measure the value of your marketing campaign efforts and ROI. When done wrong, they can become “fake news.” DemandRamp Marketing Operations Manager Ronnie Duke explains how to set up your lead sources to get better data and better analytics and avoid them becoming fake news. 

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Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Advertising

Multiple factors contribute to the success of your Facebook advertising campaigns. Copy, imagery, optimization, strategy, and countless other factors all matter. But nothing will affect your results more than your audience and how you go about targeting them. Learn how to utilize Facebook ads correctly, and you are sure to see success. 

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Personalization Is The Future Of Content Marketing

Personalization is about targeting content that is tailored to individuals based on their needs and interests. Why is this important? With the flood of content people are exposed to every day, they will only read what is relevant and valuable to them. The rest will just get ignored.

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Creating Flow for Teams

Christine Ballisty breakdowns her seven keys to finding Flow—and doubling productivity.

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How to Make Your Marketing Reflect Your Good Intentions

Ad-blocking software has never been more in vogue, helping millions of consumers avoid disruptive marketing on a daily basis. Odds are that you might even rely on the software yourself. Given this trend of tuning out intrusive ads (which shouldn't surprise anyone at this point), why do so many marketers insist on interruption as a tactic? Full-screen modal windows, this generation's version of annoying pop-ups, somehow remain quite popular on the internet.

Customer, Interrupted: Second-Guessing Digital Marketing's Most Effective Tactic

While interruptive tactics can be effective, marketers must first weigh short-term benefits with long-term costs. Full-screen overlays, modal windows, and interstitials may be highly visible, but they can damage the overall user experience and leave a bad taste in visitors’ mouths. These modern pop-ups are simply a new breed of interruptive marketing that prioritizes business needs over the experience we’re creating.